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DAVeX Consulting

To make sense of the changing digital economy, DAVeX assists executives, entrepreneurs and investors, regulators and government decision-makers and strategists to navigate the latest trends, emerging business models and most promising services to future-proof their businesses, ventures and government innovation, trade and investment programs.

DAVeX Consulting & Advisory Services focuses on innovations in fintech, regtech and blockchain technologies, and alternative financing.

business ConsultationAdvisory Services

TRAINING & Education

Insights on financial innovation in the ever-evolving blockchain technologies and financial innovations.

BUSINESS Solutions

Advisors to various projects, we provide guidance on market positioning and user adoption.


We provide guidance on digital economy strategies, risk mitigation and governance. 


Our consultants bring many decades of consulting, executive management, software development and capital markets experience to help our clients understand and participate in the new digital economy.


Fintech, regtech and blockchain technologies are evolving very fast and we stay abreast of the latest trends and leading market applications.

Market Analysis

We provide deep market insights utilizing the latest data management and predictive analytics tools.